So You Want to Reload Your Own Ammo?

Posted by Miguel Garibay on Jan 30th 2019

Do you want to learn how to reload your own ammunition? Where do you begin the process of learning how to reload?

There are many different reasons why someone ultimately decides to reload their own ammunition and is a separate topic that deserves attention. The focus of this article will provide a potential newcomer to reloading a place to begin their journey into something that will provide enjoyment for many years.

Many people are introduced to reloading by someone who reloads their own ammunition. I was introduced to reloading by my father at an early age and is something I have introduced to my kids. It is my personal experience with my kids and friends on this subject that lead to this article.

RCBS RC 2 reloading press

A newcomer is well served by familiarizing themselves with the components that are needed to assemble a cartridge (case, primer, powder, and bullet), reloading equipment, and the reloading process. This information can be found in a reloading manual. It is essential that a newcomer obtain an up-to-date reloading manual. As of this writing, I own six different reloading manuals that provide me with great reference material. Most reloading manuals have an introduction to reloading section that will provide a newcomer with the necessary information they need in order to begin reloading their own ammo.

Read the reloading process section of the manual carefully and do not skip any steps. This will help insure you navigate through the process in a safe manner and will lead to hand loaded ammo you can enjoy on the shooting range.

The reloading manual is a great launching point for a new reloader and should be one of many references you seek.

Happy Reloading!